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KUMARAHOU – Lung/Chest/Urinary/Detox

Kiwikitz ™ Kumarahou is made from the leaves and flowers of Kumarahou. Plastic Dropper (30ml) $25.00. Glass Bottle (100ml) $40.00

Kumarahou is valued traditionally as a blood purifier & common remedy for bronchial and kidney complaints. Kumarahou is used by Maori and early settlers with good results for asthma and is a particularly helpful Rongoa for children and the elderly because it is such a gentle remedy. Common traditional maori uses and historic pharmaceutical recommendations for Kumarahou are: Lung & Chest - bronchial ailments & winter bugs Stimulates breast milk flow Contains valuable flavonoids - Quercetin & Kampferol (anitoxidants) Traditionally considered a very safe remedy for both children & the elderly Kidney & Urinary complaints Heartburn Skin problems, skin cancer and rash Kiwikitz ™ Kumarahou is made from the leaves and flowers of Kumarahou in the concentrated form of a herbal extract. Rev. Edgar Ward, a Pharmacists from Kaitaia around the turn of the century, made a remedy using both Kumarahou and Koromoko and claimed to have cured not only Asthma but also several people suffering from Tuberculosis. Kumarahou ointment was produced and sold for Skin Cancer. Pregnant woman should avoid herbals unless specifically prescribed by a Herbalist, Homeobotanical Therapist or Natural Medicine Practitioner.

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